Dance Instructors Bios

The Joy of Dancing instructors are highly trained in their style of expertise.

Meet Meiling Adams

Meiling teaches MiniMotion and ballet

I've been dancing for 22 years and I've been teaching for about 5 years. Dancing has been my stress reliever, my artistic expression, and has taught me many life lessons. Through good times and bad, dance has been there for me. 

I love teaching kids everything I know about dance and seeing their creativity once they've been given the tools to express themselves through dance. One of the greatest gifts of teaching dance is not only teaching them what I know, but learning from them as well. 

One of my most embarrassing performance moments is when I was performing at a Dynamics show and I got a Charlie horse in my calf and I fell on stage. As soon as I got back up the group I was dancing with did a move on the floor and I was left standing while they were dancing on the floor. Dance taught me how to handle the situation by just keeping a smile on my face and to keep going no matter what! 

Meet Emily Beloate

Emily will be teaching contemporary, jazz and lyrical.

From Gig Harbor, WA, Emily started dance classes when she was three years old. Through high school, she trained in styles such as Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Musical Theatre. She also participated as captain for her high school dance team. 

She has taken classes from professional choreographers such as Desmond Richardson, Dave Scott, Brooke Lipton, Brian Friedman, and more. When she was sixteen, she started substitute teaching all different styles at her home studio, Dance Ally. After high school, she attended Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, where she recently graduated with her B.A. in Theatre and minors in Dance and Communications. 

While in school, she led Jubilation Dance Ministry as Artistic Director, as well as taught Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary classes. She was also employed with Ikonic Dance Academy, where she taught Jazz and Lyrical and helped the competition team. Recently, Emily presented her original choreography at the American College Dance Association National Conference at CU Boulder, where her work was presented in front of dance scholars from across the country. She has also collaborated with the non-profit organization, Partners Through Art, to use dance to serve the Spokane community advocating for victims of social justice tragedies. She has also explored site-specific and immersive dance, which removes dance from a stage and puts it in a specific location (i.e. a park of a building). Much of her work has also involved intertextual performance, which can include a meshing of two dance styles, the use of voice and breath in combination with choreography, or the use of props and staging with dance to create an interwoven style of performance.

Meet Justin Ruthling

Justin will be teaching hip hop.

I was enrolled in jazz/ballet classes when I was young child, but my love for dance didn’t form until high school. I took a few hip-hop/urban dance workshops my sophomore year, which sparked my interest to join a competition team. After taking some more workshops, I auditioned for the team Evolution Movement and competed with them for about 2 years. When the team split up, my friend gathered the remaining teammates to form a new team called High Caliber. I danced and choreographed for this team for about 2 years. The next big step in my dance career was auditioning for my dream team, Syndicate. 

Becoming a dancer on this team opened many opportunities for me. We have entertained and competed at many competitions.  I have performed in several of my teammates’ concept videos, and some have been sponsored by companies such as Merge4 and Icicles. 

I enjoy teaching and would like to continue to give back to the dance community that has treated me so well.

Meet Samantha Sullivan

Samantha will be teaching acro.

Samantha has over 20 years’ experience teaching, coaching, and choreographic dance and acrobatics.  She was an artistic gymnast in her youth, turned rhythmic gymnast in her teen years and eventually made the natural transition to ballet. Samantha danced professionally for 4 years with Southwest Ballet Company in Pittsburgh, PA.  Following her dancing years, she also joined the circus! Samantha was a trapeze artist in both Seattle, WA and Culver City, CA.  She has taught all styles of dance but is particularly drawn to acrobatics as it is a mix of everything she loves; dance and gymnastics. 

In addition to her dance background, she also over 15 years of experience managing businesses including a dance studio in Renton, WA.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing an MBA, and Master's Degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology. She is thrilled to bring her passion and expertise to Joy of Dance!

Meet Allison Tapia

Allison will be teaching ballet and pointe.

Allison is currently student at San Jose State University. For the past year, I have been getting to know many students at The Joy of Dancing through substituting for ballet/pointe classes and have had great experiences working towards correcting their technique, proper body placement, injury prevention, and helping the dancers develop as artists while having fun! 

I have been dancing for 15 years- primarily ballet training. In the beginning of my dancing years, I focused on many genres in addition to Ballet including Jazz, Tap, Contemporary/Modern, and took many performing classes that utilized various local performing opportunities to learn new repertoire and how to be a dancer, performer, and artist all in one! I initially trained with a non-competitive studio in Millbrae, California and when my family relocated just south of San Jose a few years ago, I found another non-competitive studio that really focused on Ballet. Throughout all these experiences, I have danced many styles of Ballet including Balanchine, Classical, Bournonville, Cecchetti, and RAD. 

I have gone through multiple audition processes; such as Nutcracker, Repertoire Showcases, and American Ballet Theater. This past summer, I was accepted and invited to dance with the American Ballet Theater in both Texas and New York. I am currently working towards becoming a member of the dance program at San Jose State. I cannot wait to start regularly teaching the amazing dancers here, at The Joy of Dancing.  

I believe that because of my training and genuine love for teaching and dancing, students will thrive under my direction and will learn about not only what companies look for, but to also treat each other with respect, find a true love for this art form, and learn to happily, and genuinely express themselves through hard-work and movement. I look forward to dancing with you!

Meet Miss Danielle Zuger

Danielle teaches Ballet/Tap Combo and Hip Hop

I have been dancing for 20 years at The Joy of Dancing. I enjoy teaching dance because I’m able to share my passion of dance with my students and help them to learn and grow. I love getting to interact with my students each week and watch them grow. 

Dance has helped me grow not only as a dancer, but also as a person. Dance has helped me become a strong, hardworking, and dedicated person.

When I’m not dancing I enjoy spending time with my pet guinea pig named Minnie, she’s super cute and very sweet. I love Disney and going to Disneyland, my favorite characters are Minnie Mouse and Marie. 

During my first recital I did a tap dance as a cheerleader that was complete with pom poms. My most memorable performance moment was during Nutcracker, I was dancing when the music stopped working. Miss Joy came out in the audience and got everyone to start singing the song with us dancers as we finished our routine.